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When will you be selling Prosthetics?

West FX Inc. will debut its first line of full-face foam-latex prosthetics at TransWorld 2020, and taking orders soon afterwards.

I want to take a workshop. Who should I contact?

Please call 213.529.4003, or email jeff@westfxinc.com and kendra@westfxinc.com. You're also welcome to tour the school -- give us a call so we can set up a time.

I have a media inquiry.

Give us a call or email, and a team member will get back with you.

213.529.4003 or kendra@westfxinc.com.

What is foam latex?

Foam latex is a breathable, easy-to-use, and movie-quality material that bends and moves with your skin, creating a realistic, life-like experience.

Do you do custom jobs?

Yes, we do, but only when we have time. Also, custom jobs are typically more expensive. Please call, email, or submit a request on the form above for custom jobs.

Do you sell makeup and tools for application of my foam latex prosthetic?

Coming soon is our new line of Sweat Stopper, Prosthetic Adhesive, and Prosthetic Paint -- all of which are designed to be used when working with our foam latex prosthetics.

Do your prosthetics come pre-painted / pre-colored?

For the sake of keeping your creativity unlimited, our prosthetics do not come pre-painted. However, we've included an undertone / base color that is baked throughout the prosthetic that helps minimize makeup cost, reduce application time, and create more natural-looking special effects.

Can I eat and drink while wearing a full-face foam latex prosthetic?

Yes! You can eat and drink while wearing our products, though we suggest drinking through a straw.

How does the sizing for your foam latex prosthetics work? Will they fit my face?

We build all of our full face prosthetics off of a generically sized face that fits most adult faces. We do not recommend them for extra small faces -- like children's -- but we have applied them to kids as young as 14.

Can I reuse foam latex prosthetics?

Foam latex is an absorbent, bouncy, and spongy material. For hygienic purposes, we do not recommend reusing foam latex material. That said, many people still do, and we have included a mesh material on the inside of our prosthetics to increase durability, making it easier for reuse.

Can I sleep in my special effects prosthetics?

This is not something we recommend. It won't be a complete tragedy if you do, but your skin's pores won't breath so great and all the hard work you did on your makeup could smear. We are not liable to those who sleep in prosthetics.

What if I'm allergic to latex, makeup, or adhesive?

Whenever you use a new product -- be it a prosthetic/appliance, powder, makeup, paint, remover, adhesive, etc. -- be sure to do a patch test in an inconspicuous area 24 hours before using.

If you are certain you're allergic to latex, we do not recommend using our latex products, including our foam latex products.

If you have had allergic reactions to makeup products in the past, we recommend seeing a physician for a proper allergy screening. Basically, we're not doctors.

Will you do my Halloween makeup for me?

We'd love to! Our studio is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Appointment reservations begin in August. Give us a call or email for a free consultation.