West FX Inc. Stick it! Prosthetic Adhesive is a prosthetic adhesive used for foam latex appliances and slip latex appliances. This product is for professional use only. Use with care.



  • One 1 oz. glass bottle of West FX Inc. Stick it! Prosthetic Adhesive



  • We are trying our hardest to avoid using single-use plastics, and are constantly investigating new ways to package products in an environmentally friendly way. 

  • The glass bottle that this product comes in is reusable. 

  • To minimize plastic use, refill the glass bottle with Stick it! Prosthetic Adhesive Refill 12 oz. PAR-01, available in a 12 oz. bottle made of 100% recyclable plastic.



  • All sales are final and no returns are accepted.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 213.529.4003, or email kendra@westfxinc.com.

Stick it! Prosthetic Adhesive 1 oz. PA-01

SKU: PA-01
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